Sam Zherka

Consultant, Father, and Public Speaker in New York

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Sam Zherka is the devoted father of 8 children, 4 of which are quadruplet boys. He is an "American Success Story".

Sam Zherka is a public motivational speaker who currently lives in Westchester County New York. His interests range from entrepreneurship to innovation. He has a passion for motivating others to succeed and realize their highest potential. He is also extremely devoted to his family and "SUCCESS!"

In 2014 Sam Zherka was indicted for conspiring to make false statements to banks. Those banks included North Fork Bank, Capital One Bank, and Signature Bank.

Although he pleaded guilty, the very banks which he was charged with conspiring to make false statements to, Signature Bank, and Capital One Bank, through their attorney, and executives, told the Court that upon Sam Zherka's release from prison, they would continue doing business with him.

George Klett, the Executive Vice President of Signature Bank, reiterated his support for Sam Zherka, notwithstanding the charges against him.

Sam Zherka, has served his time and is once again on his path to greatness. His dreams and ambitions are bigger and greater than ever. He is motivated to conquer the world and while on that path wants to inspire and teach others how to succeed.


Sam Zherka was a millionaire as early as 21. He attributes his success to being a graduate of the school of hard knocks. Great work ethics, big dreams, perseverance, and passion, are the ingredients to his success.

Sam Zherka, is a masterful deal maker who has successfully financed hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions, purchased and managed over five thousand ( 5000) residential and commercial units. His career started early at the age of 17, buying and selling buildings in the Bronx. His track record demonstrates excellent relationships with his lenders over the decades. During his earlier years, he successfully worked with Manhattan Savings Bank, Bankers Federal, Dime of Williamsburg, and North Fork Bank to name a few. . In the later years Sam Zherka developed successful relationships with Capital One, Signature Bank and Investors Bank.

Zherka says "my troubles have been a temporary set back in preparation for the major come back" and declares that his relationships with all those he has done business with in the past are "strong!" "I will do as conquerors do, conquer!", says Zherka.